We appreciate your interest in Thermohauser and would be are happy to share with you an introduction to our company and products.

Thermohauser was established in the mid 1920's in what was a textile region of Germany . We manufactured and sold high quality reusable pastry bags.

The region in Germany that is home to Thermohauser has become known for their erfindergeist, the German word for inventive minds. Long considered an innovator, Thermohauser was one of the first companies to take expanded polypropylene from the automotive field and bring it to the food industry.

As a family owned company, certain values have become part of our culture. The ingredients that make up the recipe for Thermohauser are:

1. Treat the employees and customers fairly, treat them as family.

2. Simplicity through intelligent design.

3. Provide the highest quality possible. This standard is maintained by manufacturing in our factory or in one of our 10 sister companies.

4. Listen to the customer and offer the products needed by new design or customization.

For over 85 years, Thermohauser GmbH has brought family values and erfindergeist to design and manufacture products that enhance the culinary lifestyle.